Tips for oral sex – On people with penises

April 13 2022

There are two fundamental aspects when practicing oral sex on somebody, the first and most important is that it must be consensual (duh, right?) and the second is to take into account personal care and health. When carrying out this practice it is a good recommendation to use condoms, for more pleasure to the person who gives it, there are those flavored, or textured.
Why condom for oral sex? There are several sexually transmitted infections that can affect the penis, even perhaps some of them not being visible or hidden by pubic hair. Pre-seminal fluid is a potentially infectious fluid that could lead to HIV transmission, and it is certainly possible to transmit it through ejaculation.
Another aspect to take into account if the two people reach the agreement not to use a condom, is that the person who practices it does not have oral lesions, since one of these could facilitate the entry of a sexually transmitted infection.
Heads up (wink): remember that there is no longer talk of "sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)" but of "sexually transmitted infections (STIs)"
The key point for both of you to enjoy the moment is to ask each other what you expect and what you like the most, since communication is always fundamental, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. It does not hurt to kindly suggest if necessary for the person with a penis to perform good hygiene prior to the encounter.
As for the tips....
  • The head (glans) and the area right below it (frenulum) are packed with nerves and therefore very sensitive and pleasurable.
  • There are several sexual positions in which you can practice oral sex, choose one in which both feel comfortable and feel pleasure. Remember that oral sex is not supposed to resemble porn nor should it start at full speed or be in the most uncomfortable position (although the speed could depend on the heat of the moment or the time available).
  • You can intercalate the use of your mouth with your hands so that you can rest and thus also be able to stimulate the rest of the penis and testicles.
  • While the mouth does most of the work, with the fingers you can stimulate the area of the perineum and anus, and if the person wishes, even slightly penetrate with a finger and even perform a prostate massage (don’t forget the lube!).
  • You do not have to focus only on the penis, the testicles can be a very important focus of excitement, when licking or stimulating them it is important to do it slowly since it can be painful or can get ticklish.
  • Lubrication is very important, in some people with penis the preseminal fluid and a good amount of saliva is already enough to perform, but if not, there are flavored lubricants and you can also resort to the help of candies to increase the production of saliva.
  • Be careful with the teeth, as the edge of these can generate a painful sensation, while other parts of the mouth such as the palate or the inside of the cheeks can be areas of exciting texture. Not only you can move your head to introduce and remove the penis from the mouth, but you also can exert some pressure with the lips and even use the tongue to generate greater pleasure.
  • The penis can present different curvatures (not all are the same!) this will make it more or less pleasant to introduce the entire penis into the mouth and should not be a mandatory practice, unless it is exciting for those who do it and pleasurable for the person receives it.
  • Decide where you want it to end up, whether in your mouth, or in another part of your body, or if you want to continue with another activity and postpone orgasm until later.


Don’t forget: hygiene, protection, mutual consensus and communication, to enjoy!



Dr Merkel