Our Core Values


Pleasure is one of our fundamental goals, and it extends beyond the sensation that people might enjoy when using our products. We want everyone to reach new levels by exploring themselves and their partners free from prejudice.


Our brand was born from our desire to help people make meaningful connections as they explore and experiment with themselves and their partners. It takes a great deal of emotional energy to discover ourselves and allow us to create deep bonds with others, but the rewards are incomparable.


We believe that freedom to be who we are and to explore is an essential component of discovering what brings us joy and pleasure. In order to facilitate this freedom, we ensure that our platform remains a judgement-free space where every individual is welcomed, encouraged and validated.


Lots of people are trapped by limiting beliefs about sex and relationships, which creates repression and misunderstanding about their desires and preferences. Our brand is dedicated to shining a light on a variety of sexual topics, myths and questions in order to break the barriers of misinformation and doubt and help us become a more understanding and nurturing society.