The Request

April 06 2022

I deal in fantasies. The work that I do, the work that I’m so good at, is taking a client's fantasy and bringing it to life within the four walls of my dungeon. Over the years that I have worked as a pro domme, many requests have been made of me. The people who come to me do so because they have a specific itch that they need to scratch, one that can’t be dealt with by a just anyone. Because of this, I am used to the unusual in my clients. I am used to desires that might shock and surprise others. I listen to these needs without ever showing a moment of shock. Then, if I feel that I have the necessary skills, I satisfy that desire. 
Nothing shocks me anymore, and very little surprises me. I understand the diversity of human desire. I understand the desire to be hurt and degraded. I understand that there are people among us who get their pleasure from things that most of us would consider painful and humiliating. Every now and then though, I get a request that actually surprises me. It doesn't happen often, hadn’t happened in forever, but this time I was shocked by what was asked of me. 
The client took their time expressing their desire to me. During our introduction session, where we talk and boundaries are set, I could tell that there was something he was holding back. It’s common that they are shy to tell me what they want, not understanding that I’ve heard it all before, so I teased the information from him. Finally, he told me what he really wanted. 
“Could you sneeze on me?” He asked me, not looking into my eyes out of shame as he spoke. 
My mouth opened as I went to respond, but I took a moment. Normally, I am used to the request. Normally, it’s something that I’ve heard before and have considered before. Then, I know without giving it too much thought if it’s something I’m happy to do. This time though, I was a little shocked and I had to stop and think. Would I be comfortable doing that? Yes, I thought, I guess I am. But, can I do it? I wasn’t sure. Could I sneeze on demand? Well, I figured that I would give it a go. There were things I could do, ways that I could tease out a sneeze. There was no harm in trying. 
“Yes,” I said, “I’ll do that.” 
I understood why he wanted it. People want to be pissed on, so why not sneezed on? There was a humiliation element, there was a degradation element. That I understood. I think that it was so specific though, the desire to be sneezed on. These things happen though, these desires that are so strange because they are so specific. Sometimes there was a triggering event, something that made that desire rise up in them. Sometimes, they have no idea why they desire it so strongly. Either way, it’s my pleasure to help them to fulfil these odd desires when I can. 
So, I took the client into the dungeon and I bound him. The scene went normally for a while. I was used to putting men into bondage, showing off my skills with the ropes. So I did that for a while, setting up towards what I knew would be the main event. Even though I had never sneezed on a man before, and feeling inexperienced was strange for me, I knew exactly what to do for the build up. The routine was much the same as with other clients and I took comfort in how well I knew that dance. 
Once he was bound, I slapped his face. I watched the look in his eyes as he started to submit to me, that peacefulness that takes over when they give up their control to me. Then, I spat on his face. I spat hard, even getting some in his eye. Then, I smiled at him. 
I could see the look on his face, the shock and arousal at being spat on. It was something that I had done a thousand times before and, thinking that sneezing on him can’t be all that different, I suddenly felt confident that I really was the most qualified person to give him what he needed. This man wanted what I could give him, something that no one else was able to offer him before, and there was so much power in that. It didn’t matter that it was strange to me, or that I had never purposefully sneezed on anyone before. None of that mattered. All that mattered was that I was about to give this man what he needed and that, in return, he was giving me his full submission. 
Turning around, so that he couldn't see me, I went to work. This was the only issue for me, making myself sneeze on demand. I had my tools ready, things that I hoped would work. I made myself relax and then I went to work with my feathers until I started to wrinkle my nose as I felt the need well up in me. When that happened, I turned to face him. 
“Oh dear,” I said, “I… I think… I… Oh… I’m going to… Going to sneeze!”
I felt the desire getting stronger and stronger until I was holding it back. I saw the look of anticipation on his face, the excitement and the fear. Then, I let go. I sneezed, a huge sneeze, right onto his face. 
“Ahhh choo!” I cried out as I sneezed onto him. 
There was a pleasure in sneezing, a satisfaction, but the pleasure mostly came from seeing the look on his face. There was so much joy in his eyes and his cheeks were flushed red with arousal. It was his dream and it was coming true because of me. 
“Don’t worry,” I purred, “there’s more where that came from.”