Everything you should know about erectile dysfunction

November 16 2021

Let us start by saying, society puts so much pressure around “performing” it basically contributes to ED happening. The cause of why it can happen ranges from many different possibilities. There is no shame in the case you happen to be affected by it, the more it is discussed, the more awareness we can create about it and the more tools we will have to deal with this situation.

Why should I care? Erectile Dysfunction only happens to really old people.

Sadly, this is not true at all. Although older men may be more prone to it due to their overall health condition, it doesn’t mean it cannot affect people of any age. It also doesn’t mean there’s an age limit to enjoying our sexual lives, and that ED will inevitably come with age.

What is Erectile Dysfunction exactly?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED for short is when the penis is not able to get fully erect. Penises get erect when stimulated, or during sexual thoughts that help the muscles retract or relax and allow for blood to flow into them.

Now ED happens due to the fact that the penile arteries are not getting enough blood pumped into them to be able to handle the erection.

What can cause ED?

That's the big question. We're talking about improper blood flow that should really happen naturally through physical or mental stimulation. That means there are a number of factors that can inhibit this from occurring. In some cases, a major factor can be lower levels of testosterone, but that is not always the case.

                Physical factors that may cause ED

Let's take a look at some physical factors that may lead to this. These diseases may seem obvious due to their relationship with your body's overall health. Having cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, obesity or pretty much any sort of medical condition related to how your blood is pumping through your body may be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

                Psychological issues that could lead to ED

It isn't always just about the blood flowing physically, but also where your mind is at. Conditions such as depression or anxiety can have a considerable impact on our libido overall and might cause episodes of ED.

Stress also plays a very big roll. It can cause all sorts of damages to our bodies and minds, ED being part of that list.

Issues in our relationships or with our partners can also affect us emotionally and in some cases cause ED episodes.

                External factors that may cause ED

It's not always a poor diet and health, or your mind running through metaphysical loops all day, there are some items out in the world that could not only cause it but may exacerbate the problem even further. These are usually vices, such as drinking alcohol or smoking, taking certain prescription medications, and last of all, taking illegal substances. These, either by themselves or in tandem with each other can be your cause for erectile dysfunction.

This does not sound good, is there a cure?

Technically it's not exactly about finding a direct cure but working on the factors causing ED.

Healthy life happy life

                The first thing you want to consider is a lifestyle change. From a better diet to trying out yoga and meditation to handle stress and anxiety, sometimes all it takes is simply shifting your frequency and aligning yourself to be healthier and happier. Don't let ED bring you down when it doesn't need to. Cut down or eliminate those vices mentioned above as well. The combination should help your blood pump better and healthier and might be able to help better this condition.

If these don’t work – you might want to focus on your psyche, consider therapy, and focus on your mental health as well. Continue down this path, as it also might help alleviate other conditions and overall better your quality of life.

The medical approach

                There have been numerous advances in the medical field that can help with this situation. Yes, we are talking about the well-known blue pill. Viagra and many other pills are meant to help with the blood flow towards your penile area and help you get an erection. Always make sure that your doctor prescribes it after properly checking that this is the way to go and that your health will not be negatively impacted by it.

The alternative medical approach

                Keep in mind that these are more than just anecdotal and there has been some research done where certain herbal remedies such as red ginseng and pomegranate juice are a great aid. In addition, acupuncture has proven effective therapy to help combat erectile dysfunction. Contemplate that these are herbal remedies that have shown some effectiveness in helping with erectile dysfunction and make sure to avoid those items that appear to be a scam such as you may see at gas stations or online that can help 'strengthen your manhood'.

The final approach

There is always the option of surgery in some extreme cases where an actual device is placed in the penile area that can help the erection occur. This is usually reserved as a last resort due to the complexity of the surgery.

I don’t need to always see a doctor, right?

Erectile Dysfunction is caused by a blood flow complication. If you seem to not be able to get your penis erect with a certain partner, it may be due to a lack of attraction or factors related to that specific partner. Now, if you cannot seem to get it up with any partner or by yourself, then it is some degree of erectile dysfunction. You should consult a doctor to find out what the best treatment plan is. The reason being is that they will do a complete check-up to get to the actual root of what is causing it.

Do not try to self-medicate or think that the problem may go away. Usually in this situation, the solution is a lot easier to discover when using a medical professional than using forums or inaccurate information found online.

Don’t forget

No matter what, again this is not the end of the world, it isn’t incurable, and it does happen a lot more often than you might think. There have been recent studies that men who can get erectile dysfunction are around 1 in 3! That means this is a very common problem, with numerous paths to fixing it and moving on with our lives in a more enjoyable manner.