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Bathroom M/M

noviembre 02 2022

I was a few drinks in and the bar had just switched on the brightly colored disco lights that let me know my evening out was starting to transition into a night out. All around me, I was starting to notice people. In the corner of the room, two men kissed passionately. At the bar, I saw one man put his hand on the ass of the man beside him.

It was still early and the bar wasn’t full yet, but I was seeing the signs that the night was shaping up to be an interesting one. After downing my drink, I went into the bathrooms to piss before the bar filled out enough that there would be a line.

One other man entered the bathroom with me. It was just us. I took my position at one of the urinals and watched out of the corner of my eye as he took the one beside me. I hesitated for a moment with my hand on my waistband, feeling the sensations of his gaze on my cheek. I wanted to turn to look at him but I was afraid that we would make eye contact.

That first glimpse I had gotten of him caught my interest but I didn’t feel bold enough to look up at his face again. I pulled out my cock, held it in my hand as I started to piss. Beside me, I heard the sound of his piss hitting the porcelain too.

When I was done, I started to shake off. I could hear that he was almost done too. The urge to glance over at him overwhelmed me. For some reason, looking at his face felt like too much but looking at his cock felt more subtle to me. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I don’t know. I felt my heart beat fast and I glanced over.

As soon as I caught my promising glance, I heard him chuckle softly.

“Don’t be shy,” he said, confidently as he shook his cock a couple of times.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” I said, not feeling anywhere near the kind of confidence he was clearly feeling.

The way that he spoke to me, the way that he addressed the tension between us, threw me. I wasn’t expecting him to be so direct and it made me feel flustered. I felt my cheeks flush red and I wanted to cover them up with my hands so that he couldn't see my embarrassment.

“Don’t be,” he said, not losing even an ounce of that confidence.

As he spoke, he turned to me with his cock still out. I looked down at it and smiled. His confidence was starting to rub off on me and I let myself be taken along on that wave. I took his advice, to not be shy, and I reached my hand out towards his cock.

“Mmmm,” he purred before grabbing my hand and pulling me into one of the stalls. The door was locked behind us, giving us that little bit of semi-privacy.

I kissed him then, a deep and passionate kiss. We both knew that there wasn’t much time, that we had to have our fun quickly and intensely. The kiss that we shared felt heavy with that knowledge. We kissed like it could be the only kiss we ever had. Our tongues moved together passionately as our hands started to wander down.

Neither of us had bothered to do our pants back up so it was easy for me to tug on his waist band until I heard his belt hit the tiled floor. As he did the same to me, wanting total and unrestricted access to my cock, I felt myself twitching and becoming very hard. Before he had even touched my cock, I was rock hard and longing for him.

I wrapped my fist hard around his cock and he did the same to me. I felt weak as he gripped me, leaning forward and resting my chin on his shoulder as I started to become weak with desire. How quickly things were moving didn’t seem to bother him as he started to move his fist up and down my shaft with quick jagged movements. I did the same to him, trying my best to match the magic that he was working on my body.

I couldn’t keep up though. There was something about the movement of his hand that just made me lose control. One hand was wrapped around my cock, jerking it with perfect skill, and the other was on the back of my head and holding me close to him. I started to shudder, knowing that I couldn't hold on much longer.

By that point, I could hear people moving around outside of the stall. I wondered if they knew what was going on inside and if they cared. I knew that I couldn't keep perfectly quiet, but I tried my best not to give it all away.

“I’m so close,” I whispered, wanting to give the handsome stranger a chance to slow down if he wasn’t ready for me to finish yet.

The man didn’t slow down though, he started to move his fist harder and faster.

“Then cum,” he grunted, his voice so low and so commanding that I could do nothing but follow his order.

I shuddered powerfully, moaning as quietly as I could, as I shot my load into his hand. The orgasm moved in a wave up my body, making me see stars.

I was still seeing stars as he pushed me down onto my knees and pressed the head of his cock to my trembling lips. I opened my mouth and felt him thrust into it a few times before his cock twitched powerfully and he started to shoot his hot cum into my mouth. I rolled my eyes as my mouth filled with the taste of his lust and then swallowed it down.

Unsteady on my feet, I dressed myself and tried to act as normal as I could. We left the stall together, the eyes of strangers on us, knowing that everyone understood what had gone on between us.