"Lifelong Strangers"

March 09 2022

We barely knew each other, well, as much as you can know a person after two dates. I feel that neither of us had really planned the outcome of our meeting, it just happened.

We had a drink or two, just enough to laugh at how the waiter ran through the smoke of something that burned in the kitchen and customers complaining about delays in their meal. From the bar we went for a walk.

I was nervous, yes, something about him drove me crazy. Of course, I wouldn't tell him that on a second date.

Suddenly we came to a corner and braked, "My house is here, on this block ", I did not expect him to tell me that and I think he noticed that from my expression, "We don't need to do anything, just to be in a warm place", it was true, it was a very cold night even though the excitement warmed up my body, I knew that heat would not last me the whole night.

It was a street next to a train station, somewhat gloomy, but at the same time charming. The door dated from the 60s at least, if not older. One of those old houses, European style, where you climb a staircase and find a very high roof.

He lived with a roommate who wasn't there that night, so we sat on the couch talking about everything, though the tension between us was rising, he knew it... I knew it.

I couldn't resist rushing to play with his dog, but I didn't expect that when I got up from the ground, after playing like a little girl, I would find his face inches from mine and the most penetrating look my body has received in its 27 years. We didn’t need any words, something in me pushed me to kiss him, barely touching his face with my hands. I didn’t even take a breath in when suddenly I felt his chest against mine and his hand on my waist. We kissed, we caressed each other, we felt each other for several minutes which felt like seconds, all without moving from next to the sofa.

Suddenly I felt something... at the height of my belly (he was taller than me), real firm and of considerable size, with that I confirmed he was enjoying it just as much as me. I noticed his embarrassment when I saw that I felt his “enthusiasm." For the first time, it was me who was in control, the brave, the naughty one.

I took him from the waist and affectionately pulled him closer to me, he was breathing in my ear so deeply that when I exhaled, I couldn't resist releasing a faint moan. Our desire led us to his room where the blue light from his computer would illuminate us like a Guillermo del Toro movie.

I discovered, after years, that I wanted to make love, how I wanted to do it...

"I’m crazy about you," he said to me. I looked him in the eye and smiled.

He started by kissing my neck, very gently slid his tongue into my ear and spend some time licking it while moaning softly. I was so focused on his tongue that I forgot what my hands were doing, but they guided themselves to his neck and pulled his hair gently, as if to say "Go, but don't even think about pulling away."

Pulled a little harder and he backed away from me, laughed and started kissing my chest over my clothes. Outside, the coldest winter was raging, inside, a bonfire was burning.

My heel got tangled in the sheets, it was a funny moment that really had little to do with the teenage and intriguing love scene that was happening minutes before. Which gave us a good excuse to get rid of everything we were wearing.

From one moment to the next, I was on top of him, I could feel everything... all of it, even when I still had my panties on, which were the only thing that separated us from what we both longed for.

He would hold me by the arms and pull me towards him, I would lie on his chest and I would be the happiest, his hands would caress my hair and my mind would be full of all the fantasies I had ever had and wanted them to happen with him. He moved aside my panties, began to sink his fingers into my dampness and immediately gave me to taste my own honey. His gaze penetrating my eyes as I licked his fingers.

I wanted more, much more, my restless and trembling body demanded it.  In one movement and as if my legs weren’t in the way he pulled my panties down to my ankles... I felt his tongue run through my body giving me the pleasure I so desired. I took some time in opening my eyes, I wanted to feel him only with my other senses, hear, smell, feel the touch of his hands on my body, of his tongue running over my body.

The silence was broken by our moans, by my uncontrollable cries as I finally had it inside me, moving inside me, first carefully then with absolute passion.

The connection was such that we exploded together in pleasure. A divine orgasm had pierced us from side to side, leaving the air charged with our scent... the most delicious that has ever existed.

We ended the night in a way that I don't think any of us expected... embracing a stranger we had known all our lives in our fantasies.