How To Tell If Someone Is into You

June 28 2022

There are many different obstacles that people have to face when dating, especially on this day and age. Worrying about which flawless selfie you should post on your dating app profile or if you are just “another one” on a pile of mass right swipes are the new worries that come along with searching for your true soul mate. However, there is one hurdle that surpasses them all: how do you know if the person that you are talking to actually likes you? 


Although this question may seem almost impossible to answer, there are surefire signs to look for in your special someone in order to understand whether they have truly been hit by cupid’s arrow!


They Try to Impress You: Does your special someone always invite you to upscale museums and make reservations at new, swanky restaurants? They aren’t trying to be a showoff; they are trying to impress you! This means that they are taking charge in planning exciting and engaging activities that will not only make you have a good time when you are with them, but it will set them apart from any other boring person that you may have dated in the past!


They Remember Details: One of the easiest ways to know if someone is really into you is if they remember small details about you! When someone is consistently remembering tiny details that you might have mentioned about yourself in conversation, it means that they are really paying attention to every word that you say. Someone who isn’t really that into you won’t retain or even notice the small details that you might have mentioned to them.


They Make Time to Be with You: When someone is truly interested, they will always make time to see you and spend quality time with you. This is one of the most common signs that someone is clearly head over heels for you. When someone gives you their precious time, they are giving away a piece of themselves, showing you that they really are willing to do anything in order to be close to you!


They Lean in When Talking to You: When a person really begins to fall for you, they will subconsciously lean in towards you when you are together! Sometimes they will even try to make physical contact with you. When people are not a true fan of the individuals they are in close proximity with, they will usually begin to feel uncomfortable and will try to put some distance in between themselves and the person that they are near. If you notice that your person is trying to get closer to you, then this is a great sign!


Finding the perfect person may be hard but knowing whether or not the person you are talking to is truly into you can be even harder! If your special someone is doing some of the above, you may just be looking at your future long-term partner.