7 Tips to Become a Better Communicator

May 11 2022

Communication, basic, right? Yet not always as easy as it sounds. It is an essential skill that is needed in order to express yourself to others and to succeed in most social activities. Whether you are looking to revamp your personal or professional life, working on your communication skills can help you feel more confident in yourself! Some people find that communicating with others comes naturally to them, while others might struggle to get their message across. If you find that you have a hard time communicating with others, or feel like sometimes you are misunderstood, not to worry, we have some tips to help you communicate clearly and efficiently.


  • Think of the exact message that you are trying to convey:


When you are trying to communicate a specific message to another person, it may be helpful to take a couple of minutes to think of the exact message that you would like to express. This will allow you to ensure that you are providing the other person with all of the information that they may need in order to interpret your message correctly.


  • Reflect on who you are trying to communicate with:


You may need to adjust the way you are expressing yourself based on who you are addressing. Needless to say, you won’t address your coworker, romantic partner or your mom in the same way, right? (Please say yes). In order to communicate effectively, you need to keep in mind who you are addressing and adjust the message accordingly.


  • Be as specific as possible:


When it comes to effective communication, keeping your message as concise and brief as possible is the best route to take.


  • Ask questions while you are communicating:


The best thing to do while communicating with another individual is to ask them questions! Checking in throughout your conversation will allow you to make sure that the other person is correctly understanding the message that you are trying to relay. It is also a good way to clear up any miscommunications, avoiding any erroneous assumptions from being conceived.


  • Take the time to actively listen:


It is quite important to actively listen to the other individual that you are communicating with. Others can quickly pick up when you just aren’t listening to what they are saying, so be sure to take the time to pay attention to the message that they are trying to share with you.


  • Pace yourself while participating in a conversation:


When you are participating in a conversation, you must pace yourself and be mindful of the tone of your voice. If these elements are not correctly enforced, the conversation may go haywire, ultimately affecting your overall communication skills.


  • Try to communicate in person whenever possible:


If the message is important, it is always best to try and communicate in person, if possible. Elements, such as body posture, gestures and particular in-person vocal ques, help tremendously when it comes to verbal communication.


Hope this helps :)