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Masturbation positions to switch it up

May 18 2022

Your solo game got a bit monotone? Here are some tips to up your game:

For people with vulvas

Doggy style: A classic made into a solo show. Kneel on the bed, bend over until one elbow is also on the bed (you can lay on your shoulder instead so both hands can assist on the action, though it might not be as comfortable). Use your hands or a toy to do whatever motions do it for you. You can also add a toy with a suction cup to the wall for hands free extra stimulation.

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On your knees: Simple but effective, just kneel on the bed or the floor (blanket or a pillow recommended to protect your knees) you can either sit on your heels and enjoy some awesome outer stimulation or pick up your butt and use a toy for some inner play.

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Laying on your side: simply lay on either side (preferably on the side opposite to the hand you’ll be using) you can bend your knees and spread them for easy access or get your hands/toy in there. You can also get in from the back to give it an extra twist.

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For people with penises

Laying down, legs spread: Oldie but goodie. Lay on your back with your knees spread and bent on the edge of the bed on your feet on the floor. While stroking you can also place a vibrating toy against your taint or balls for additional stimulation.

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On your knees, bent forward: Kinda like a doggy. Place both knees and one hand on the bed and simply stroke away. This position allows also for prostate stimulation if you wanna give it a go.

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No hands!: That’s right, this one is the ultimate hands free. Just lay down on your stomach and hump rub against a pillow, toy or whatever your “heart” desires.




The stare down: kneel facing each other and watch your partner melt away. You can participate in your partner’s solo by licking/sucking on their nips or maybe adding some extra stimulation with a free hand or a toy.

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The Ying-Yang: Similar to a 69 but all hands and toys. Each lay on one side staring at each other’s goodies and get creative with the strokes, motions and why not? Toys. Nobody will blame ya (or complain) if you throw in a lick here and there.

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From behind: Get behind your partner and from behind start jerking them off, you can use the extra hand to stimulate their nips or pull their hair (maybe some light/not so light choking). Take their hand back and place it on your favorite part for them to return the favor.

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Extra tip: use a mirror! Whether by yourself or with a partner having a full view of what’s going on can be the hottest thing.. might last a bit less tho ;)