International Kissing Day: Bonus Track

July 06 2022

So you are one of those people that thinks of a kiss as a mouth to mouth peck, hu? Today 7/6 is the international kissing day and we’re here to switch up that kissing game. Let’s take kissing from a peck on the mouth to a passionate full body kissing sesh, shall we?

French: Classic yet effective, it is a perfect opener for a heated make out. Open your mouth a bit while kissing and slide your tongue into your partner’s mouth about half to three quarters of an inch is fine, you’re not trying to reach uvula (that dangly thing that swings in the back of your throat). Paced strokes on your partner’s tongue with yours are the key to a good French kiss.

Bonus points: you can use a vibrator on their body (nips, clit, perineum) to aid stimulation. Our pick:  


Back and Neck: Chills wont be the only thing running down your partner’s back. Whether they prefer a trail of small kisses up and down their neck or passionate kisses with a bit of licking and biting, the neck and shoulders have tons of nerve endings, so stimulation feels very pleasurable. You can make your way to their neck from a previous French kiss session or surprise them from the back kissing their shoulders and the side of their neck.

Bonus points: starting it off with a little shoulder massage is the perfect way to set the mood, you can use Gloria on your partner’s shoulders and maybe later somewhere else, if you play your cards right:


Breast and Nips: worked your way down to the neck and not sure what to do now, keep going! Kisses around the breast and on the nipples can feel amazing and will definitely turn up the heat. Start by kissing the sides of the breast (careful as it might tickle, you don’t wanna end up with a black eye from your ticklish partner) and make your way to the nipples.

Bonus points: two breasts but only one tongue and that hand-tongue coordination doesn’t seem to kick in, we’ve all been there, our pro tip for the unattended nip:


Vulva: got all the way to the nipples, now we’re going in for the knockout. Continue your way down kissing your partners belly all the way down to their vulva. You can start by kissing the labia, you throw in some licking/sucking. Then alternate with kisses/sucking on the clit.

Bonus points: If this doesn’t have your partner moaning, it’s time to bring in the A team:


Testicles and perineum: in for the knockout, part 2. Also here go down your partners belly with a trail of kisses then soft start kissing their testicles, you can also suck on them or caress them with your hands while you kiss them. Work your way down to their perineum and kiss/lick firmly. You can use your hands as well to stimulate the penis.

Bonus points: use a round vibrator pressed against their perineum while kissing/sucking their testicles, add some lube to avoid friction. Our pick: