Green Flags to Look for In a Relationship

June 08 2022

When it comes to going out into the world of dating in order to find your beloved soulmate, there can be some distinctive challenges that come up when looking for “the one”. For some individuals, a funny and smart partner is needed to really ignite the flame. While others may need to make sure that their partner has a full six pack of abs and bicep muscles that you could see from miles away. Whatever it is that you may need from your potential partner, it is always good to recognize the green flags that are waving within the relationship itself.


Green flags are the signs that indicate that your newfound match could potentially lead to a walk down the aisle somewhere soon or simply to many years of happiness and companionship. Aside from all the warm and fuzzy butterflies that you may feel fluttering around in your stomach when you first begin seeing someone, green flags are surefire ways to see and know whether this relationship has long-term potential. Let’s take a closer look at the major green flags you should be looking for in a relationship.


  • Good Self-Awareness: One of the most important green flags that your partner needs to have is self-awareness. When your partner can handle their own emotions without it spilling over and affecting you and your relationship, you will both be able to focus on the positive aspects of your partnership.
  • You and Your Partner Have a Life of Your Own: When you are in a relationship, your partner cannot be your everything. A true green flag is when you and your partner both have lives outside of your relationship.
  • Your Partner Is Willing to Be Vulnerable: Cannot let people in if we don’t open the door first. When your partner is willing to be vulnerable, you both will be able to understand each on a truly deeper level.
  • They Are Clear About Their Feelings Toward You: There should never be a time when you must ask yourself if the person you are with truly likes you and your company. One of the most important green flags to recognize in your relationship is knowing exactly how your partner feels about you because they openly communicate their feelings toward you.
  • Your Partner Can Validate Your Feelings: Even when you and your partner are in a disagreement, they should never disregard or invalidate the feelings that you are experiencing. A major green flag in a relationship is when your partner can understand your perspective during an argument and honor that viewpoint, even if they may see things differently.
  • Your Partner Makes Time for You: The golden rule to making a relationship work is spending time together. When your partner makes time for you, they are showing that they respect that time that you both can spend together.
  • They Are Willing to Improve Themselves: Willingness to improve oneself is always an amazing quality to have and it’s even better when it is incorporated into a relationship! When your partner is willing to improve themselves, it shows that they can take constructive criticism and apply it to their life in a positive way.
  • You Both Are Friends Above It All: Romanticism and excitement fade, but friends are forever. The most important green flag of all is that you and your partner are genuine friends at the end of the day. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with their best friend!