Coffee, anyone?

May 04 2022

A few hours later than agreed, he arrived at my house for the pool party I was hosting. I could’ve sworn he was not coming, since we had been avoiding each other for weeks.

We were all outside hanging by the pool, it was already later in the afternoon, sun starting to go down.

  • Coffee, anyone?

 Rounded up the coffee orders and headed into the kitchen. The door closed behind me. It was him. Our eyes met; I felt the room fill up with tension in seconds. If there was one thing we had never lacked, it was connection, we were like two magnets that were attracted no matter the distance and I began to feel dragged by the other pole.

  • The bathroom?
  • That door on the right - I said coldly. The best thing was to get out of there, but that was not what my body had in mind.

I added water to the coffee machine. As I’m placing back the cover I hear:

  • Need help? – coming right from behind me. That alone was enough to give me goosebumps; he was getting closer, and my heart was racing.
  • Almost done - I say while trying awkwardly to put the cover back which obviously slipped my hand and fell on the floor.
  • Let me get that” he says. As we both bend down to pick it up, our hands touched. I sprung back up and start checking the cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Need some cups – I said as I continued browsing my own cabinets franticly. My head was short-circuited, and my body was left waiting for instructions, lost in space.

I think he could notice my discomfort at his touch, as he moved away and decided to continue his way to the pool. Once he was out of the kitchen, my body came to its senses. I felt disillusioned, as if I had been waiting for something different, for that moment not to end and our bodies to touch again.

Suddenly, I hear the door open again. I'm startled, I think even excited.

  • You forgot your coffee - I start by saying. I offer it to him, he approaches and takes it, to

then place it on the counter out of the way.

He cornered me against the counter and placed his hands on my waist, my skin burning from the touch. His eyes gazing into mine, in them I saw desire and despair, same things he could see in mine. Without giving me time to understand what was going on, he drew me to himself and kissed me like he used to. Our tongues met and did not take long to remember the rhythm of their dance.

In a single movement he put me on the countertop, I felt the cold of the marble running down my skin. His lips went from my mouth to the neck leaving a path of wet kisses that continued to my breasts, where his hands quickly moved away my top to expose them. His mouth moved carefully and made sure that both received the same attention.

Electricity ran through my body, I missed it more than I wanted to myself. A moan escaped my mouth, which he quickly silenced with another kiss. Our tongues danced to the beat of my heart, beats that reached places that desperately longed for it.

As if he could read my mind, he rushed to the door to lock it. Turned back towards me and approached me as a predator approaches its prey and within seconds, he took over me again.

His kisses began to descend my belly. I grabbed him by the hair and gently pulled, he moaned deeply. He removed my bikini bottom with agility, settled between my thighs and started kissing my humidity. His tongue ran on me gently, from top to bottom, causing my nerves to vanish in seconds, I felt like melting on the cold counter. He was giving it small kisses all over, then made a soft bite path until he reached my clitoris, where he took his time doing different patterns with his tongue.

He then made a new tour from end to end to return to it place and so he reiterated several times. My breathing was starting to flutter, and my hips were shaking, rocking involuntarily.

He kissed every inch of my vulva. I felt closer and closer the climax, when I thought I was about to reach it he slowly retreated, a complaining sound came out from within my bowels. His mouth left me to kiss my lips again. I could savor my sweet taste, something that made the moment much more intimate.

His hand between my thighs, running up and down, rubbing it. I felt rubbing me from end to end, played with my clit and went back to travel, in that back and forth two of his fingers penetrated me making me moan, his free hand covered my mouth, and his lips licked my breasts again as his fingers carried on making me wet. They went in and out in a desperately smooth rhythm, they were precise, he knew exactly what I liked. I felt numbed with pleasure, every part of my body was being taken care of and I could only enjoy it.

His tongue left my breasts to go down on me again. The change was exciting and pleasurable, I was enjoying his touch so much I had forgotten how amazing his mouth was. He kissed me, picked up the pace a bit and gave his full attention to my clit. I pulled his hair between moans, my hips were rocking non-stop and his tongue worked its magic on me until my muscles tightened, I felt as if something exploded in me. A drowned groan slipped my mouth, and I couldn't help but fully melt on the counter, ecstatic.

At that moment I was grateful that no one noticed our absence and that everyone was still outside. We put up quite a show in here.